HOOTing New Year

Happy new year to you all!
The last few months have been doodle packed and extremely busy! There will be much more to share in the coming year, but in the meantime I give you Hoot! in it’s full glory, if you want to pickup a print copy, along with a bunch of other fantastic stories, grab 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology. The guys over at the illopond are hard at work on a second anthology based on Steampunk, the stories are looking very exciting, go take a look!


Hoot! is a new 8 page story, you can read it today inside 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology. A collaborative project I have taken part in with a bunch of other illustrators and story tellers. The project has been put together over at illopond.com,  the site is now open for anyone to join in the fun. Come along and start a self publishing project of your own, share your work or just peruse everything else on show. Find out more about 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology by clicking here, buy a copy today by clicking here!