Hoot! is a new 8 page story, you can read it today inside 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology. A collaborative project I have taken part in with a bunch of other illustrators and story tellers. The project has been put together over at illopond.com,  the site is now open for anyone to join in the fun. Come along and start a self publishing project of your own, share your work or just peruse everything else on show. Find out more about 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology by clicking here, buy a copy today by clicking here!

Prints Ahoy!

Hi all, I have opened a new print shop at MySoti.com where I am offering, for the first time online, prints of my work. Right now there are 3 pieces to choose from, at either A4 or A3 size, in poster or canvas formats – ‘Rainbow Bird Cave‘ looks great as a box canvas!

Please check them out and if you think they would make a nice gift for someone you know (or maybe just for yourself!) you can order them through the website very easily. I’d love to hear from anyone who buys one!

Pocket Monster Series 2!

pockertmonster21Pocket Monster Series 2, out now!

Series One Pocket Monsters arrived just under a year ago and sold out really quickly, ending up all over the world, now it’s time for Series Two! Each Pocket Monster pack (as pictured above) contains:

  • One original Monsters drawing on high quality 325gsm board.
  • A birth certificate telling you the monsters name, who drew it and when.
  • A page of care guidelines about looking after your monster!

You can buy yourself a Series 2 Pocket Monster right now at the Strange Alchemy Bookshop!

Thought Bubble: Fin!

Thought Bubble in Leeds was fantastic fun! A big thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello and to everyone who picked up some comics too!

It was my first ever ‘convention’ – excluding No Barcodes in Camden market earlier this year – and also my first visit to Leeds, so full of new experiences. We didn’t get to see much of the city, between traveling and selling comics, but the view from the hotel window was nice!

I’m not pulling a funny face, I’m just munching on my breakfast apple! We managed to get the table setup pretty smoothly and I was really happy with how it looked, I also managed not to forget anything, not bad for a beginner huh!

Here is the table from the front, notice the little Turtle Guitar character model in front of ‘Bitter Herb – he was our table mascot for the day – he really enjoyed himself! :)

Finally here is a picture taken by Richard Bruton of Forbidden Planet, which is the only photo of me not eating an apple! (And the table looks pretty good in it too!).

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by –  see you again next year!

Strange Alchemy Store Update

We had some new items for sale at Thought Bubble which have now been added to the Strange Alchemy Store:

Badge Packs
3 Unique badges in a pack backed with one of four artwork designs.
Each pack contains 3 Limited Edition badges featuring work from my publications backed by one of four designs.

Pocket Monster Series 2
Pocket Monsters are back with Series Two! Own an Original monster drawing, in your pocket!

Each pack contains 1 Original Monster Drawing, signed Birth Certificate and care guidelines. Each monster is hand packaged by the artist!

And also, for a limited I have a special offer running where you can get Where Grows The Bitter Herb, Turtle Guitar, Whale Hunt and 3 badges, signed on request, for a bundle price of just £10!

Check out the new stuff at the Strange Alchemy Shop now!

Thought Bubble Festival 2008!

I am going to be at Thought Bubble Festival’s one day comic book convention on Saturday 15th of November! Come say hello and buy some books, I will have copies of all my comics, some Pocket Monsters and a bunch of badges!

Thought Bubble’s comics convention is taking place at Leeds newest, hottest (and biggest!) venue Saviles Hall (opposite the Royal Armories). Don’t cal me if you get lost because I have no idea where I’m going either 😉 Check ThoughtBubbleFestival.com for all the information!!

See you there!