More from ‘The Waste Land’

I have lately been keeping myself very busy, although I have nothing new that I am able to show for a while, so I am going to put up another page from my graphical interpretation of the Burial Of The Dead by T.S. Elliot, I give you fear, in a handful of dust.

The Waste Land: The Burial of the Dead page 6

My graphic interpretation of ‘The Burial Of The Dead‘, the first quarter of ‘The Waste Land‘ by T.S. Elliot which is featured in issue 22.1 of the Gulf Coast Literary Journal. You can check out the whole thing by picking up a copy of the magazine.

Also, to mix things up a bit and show a little bit of my process here on the blog, here is one of my rough pages from when I was working on The Waste Land project. This page looks very similar to the final, which isn’t always the case, we were happy with the atmosphere captured in this sketch and wanted to maintain that in the final artwork. My roughs are messy.

Visit the World of Afar!


I have just launched a brand new World of Afar site at!

Turtle Guitar is online and free to read for all, it will be followed over the coming weeks by Where Grows the Bitter Herb as the story is released over the coming weeks, a new piece of the story every Monday! Visit the World of Afar today and check back for regular updates, including some sneak peaks into the mysterious story number three…

Forest of the Whild Tribe

Explore the World of Afar in this interactive choose your own adventure game!
Your loved one has been captured by the evil Whild Tribe, do you have what it takes to track them down and rescue her? Run out of energy and you will surely fail, some roads lead to certain doom, but if you make the right decisions you might just be in time to save the day!

You can also play this game on

Illustrated Egg

Happy Easter everyone!
Today we have been decorating eggs to get into the spirit of things, here is my little illustrated egg. It features a house with it’s own letter box, a rope bridge, a wishing well, a large tree, a holiday cottage on stilts complete with washing line and a fishing pool (below the bridge), everything you need for an adventure!

Egg World