Visit the World of Afar!


I have just launched a brand new World of Afar site at!

Turtle Guitar is online and free to read for all, it will be followed over the coming weeks by Where Grows the Bitter Herb as the story is released over the coming weeks, a new piece of the story every Monday! Visit the World of Afar today and check back for regular updates, including some sneak peaks into the mysterious story number three…

Animations from the World of Afar

Some of you may have already seen the small animation on the World of Afar mini site, it is hopefully the first of many as I try to fumble my way around the weird and wonderful land of animation! This first one is a very small loop, merely a taste of things to come! If you’d like to watch it click to ‘read more‘ below, it’s hidden from the front page because it has music!

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Invitation to the World of Afar…

Today I am excited to be launching a new minisite dedicated to the world in which my comics Turtle Guitar and Where Grows the Bitter Herb are set! I have plans to expand this world with further stories and artwork, there will be a new comic coming next year, more details on that soon(ish)!

As well as information on the current comics, the World of Afar website will also act as a collection of lore for the world. This begins in the Bestiary section where you can find out more about some of the critters you may have already met in the comics.

I am looking forward to growing the site slowly, over the coming months as we lead towards the launch of the next comic. New creatures will be added, glimpses into new stories or new locations and a bunch of Tunes from Afar, the audio section which is currently a work in progress but will feature audio tracks to accompany the stories, adding another level of atmosphere! So what are you waiting for…


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I would love to hear what you think!