Hoot! is a new 8 page story, you can read it today inside 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology. A collaborative project I have taken part in with a bunch of other illustrators and story tellers. The project has been put together over at illopond.com,  the site is now open for anyone to join in the fun. Come along and start a self publishing project of your own, share your work or just peruse everything else on show. Find out more about 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology by clicking here, buy a copy today by clicking here!

Check out my friends books!

A couple of my friends and fellow MeeeMooo posters have been working on some excellent instructional books which everyone should check out.



By Scott Purdy takes you into the wild and wonderful world of greenskins, giving you practical, visual advice on drawing and colouring them. Scott also gives a lot of golden information on ideas generation and character building, stuff that will be useful to beginners and experienced doodles alike!

For Goblin drawing, Orc drawing and other dark creatures, this classic fantasy art title explores the previously unchartered territory of Goblinoids. This book will show readers how to design, draw and paint every kind of goblinoid. This is a fun exploration of all six goblinoid ‘races’ of the fantasy world. Highly practical and packed with hot tips a series of classes are presented with each race which gives the author the opportunity to show readers how to construct characters in strong step sequences. The characters range from the humorous, dragon flying Goblin through to the dark, evil and twisted torturous Hobgoblin. A wealth of visual and textual information offers guidance on goblin drawing, orc drawing and painting – both traditionally and digitally – the diverse world of Goblinoids.

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Fantasy Art For Beginners by Jon Hodgson is out November 1st. Jon has been working in fantasy illustration for over a decade and this book is packed with his accumulated knowledge and advice for beginner artists, as Jon says:

On the First of November my book on creating fantasy art for beginners hits the streets, published by IMPACT! books. It is full of non threatening, easy to follow ways to draw and paint your favorite fantasy fings! The first half is gently introduced theory, aimed at absolute beginners, and then the second half is a series of step by step walkthroughs of 6 paintings of favourite fantasy subjects. All in an easily approachable art style for beginners. Rather than me just letting rip at it in my usual manner…


And coming soon…



Scott Purdy’s second solo instructional art book, due for release in Summer 2010, takes us into the world of Vampires! Above is the current cover artwork, for more news as its happens check out Scott’s blog!

That’s all for now, get reading!