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Out at the end of this month is issue 22.1 of Gulf Coast, a journal of literature and fine arts. This issue features a comic interpretation of The Burial of the Dead, the first quarter of The Waste Land by T.S. Elliot. I was very excited to be asked to create this 12 page interpenetration of Elliot’s poem, the whole process was fantastic fun, presenting a very interesting challenge.

I am very pleased with the results, which can be seen in the magazine (and on the cover!) or in some samples on the Gulf Coast website. The newest journal also contains an article by Sean Bishop on the growing acceptance of comic art and it’s ability to communicate complex narratives, you can read that on the website too! I will post some pages from by Burial of the Dead on this blog over the new couple of months, but if you want to see it complete and any time soon, you just have to pick up a copy of the magazine!


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Ben Powis is a UK based illustrator currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland. When not creating art for his clients he self publishes his own illustrated story books which can be found around the world in boutique galleries and shops, or online.

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